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team is the natural choice for independent estate agents

We are often asked ‘Why Team?’ and ‘What benefits does Team bring to members and customers?’

Our fundamental aim is to increase our members’ profitability, market share and relevance in their local area. By creating a wealth of products and services over many years we have brought together market leading solutions for our customers and members alike.

We have a portfolio of products which deliver great solutions to our membership. Our collective buying power gives real economies of scale and a compelling reason to celebrate membership of such a creative organisation.

There is of course a comprehensive list of member benefits but here are our top 10!

1) Multi –Listing or Property Sharing: This has been the bedrock of our offering since the 1980’s and has proved immensely successful with our members and customers over many years. It involves a vast amount of data sharing and gives team a unique benefit which no other organisation in the UK has been able to replicate. More exposure for your customers means more buyers and quicker sales as a result. This is truly our unique selling point and the reason why more customers choose a team agent to sell their property.

All included as part of your membership! Find out more about multi-listing here.

2) Driving more traffic to your own website: Team members can make the proud boast that their clients’ properties are marketed on more property websites than other networks of estate agents. Our multi listing facility shares all listings universally and you will be surprised and impressed by how much internet traffic is driven to your own website. Our relationship and investment with software partners Resource Techniques has, over many years, allowed members to share in incredible traffic statistics. Members who use an RT website will have an even better chance of being found at the top of the Google rankings. Our unique multi-listing offering really comes into its own here, because the resultant activity levels on member websites are quite staggering. Other agents pay thousands for worse results. Centrally, Team Association spend a five-figure sum annually, ensuring that we stay where we belong, at the top.

All included as part of your membership! Find out more.

3) Teamworks: There are plenty of estate agency software packages on the market - but only one teamworks (cloud V6) offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge software solution designed to handle every aspect of the estate agency business. The software has been continually refined and updated over the past 27 years in conjunction with team’s technology partners, Resource Techniques.

What really makes teamworks stand out from the software crowd is that it powers team’s unique ‘Multilisting’ or property-sharing system, automatically collecting and re-distributing all new property information across the network every few minutes. This means that the information to which team agents have online access is always up to date.

The same uniquely powerful technology also powers team’s national property website, – as well as handling automatic uploads to all other major portals. Find out more about teamworks


4) The Teamprop website: Since 2000, has had over 112 million visitors and continues to punch well above its weight. The site is under constant scrutiny and is regularly expanded and upgraded. Most of our customers expect an agent to offer them more than one website and this is the ideal solution. There are also new specialist pages available, such as Distinctive Homes, Marine and Waterside and Equestrian.

All included as part of your membership! Find out more about teamprop.

5) Team Property Services: This is a first class, dedicated team of professionals who will help give your clients access a variety of products and services that are essential to the moving process. Excellent conveyancing services, either locally or centrally, gives you maximum flexibility and control. Mortgages and removals are amongst a portfolio of additional services which further improve your offering to the customer and your profitability.

All included as part of your membership! Find out more about team property services.

6) The Marketing Resource: Team has a Marketing Director and a national marketing committee who regularly come up with national initiatives that can be adapted to your local market and used for campaigns to drive more business through your front door. It really is an excellent database of creative material that you can tap into at will. Members often revisit historic campaigns and our partnership with Besley & Copp means that you can source suitable material in bulk as and when you need it.

All included as part of your membership! Find out more about team’s market resources.

7) TeamChat Express: This is our internet newsletter – an excellent communications tool which is distributed to members twice a month. In addition to carrying all the latest news from around the Team network, it also enables us to share ideas and distribute new campaigns quickly and efficiently.

All included as part of your membership! Find out more about TeamChat.

8) Team Preferred Supplier rates: Team as a group of agents are able to negotiate national buying discounts with a variety of preferred suppliers. We are extremely confident that we can beat your existing telecoms deal with our preferred supplier, and a variety of other suppliers all have attractively discounted products for our members.

All included as part of your membership! Find out more about team supplier rates.

9) Ask the expert: We retain the services of a specialist property journalist to generate topical and interesting articles which you can personalise and place in your local press, or use on your own property blog – helping you to become recognised as the local expert!

All included as part of your membership!

10) Cutting Edge technology with a secure anti virus solution: Team’s software package has long been the envy of the industry and we are already enjoying the benefits of our latest version 6 cloud-based product. This powerful new package has all the features of a modern and relevant software solution. We have often been the first to launch new and innovative products such as text messaging, e-mailed details and of course our multi –listing facility. All terminals have anti-virus software included, irrespective of the number of computers in your office. The same is true of the subscription. You pay for the office, not the number of terminals.

All included as part of your membership! Find out more about team’s cutting edge technology. is the UK’s most accurate property portal. It refreshes every 15 minutes with the latest properties and status changes automatically collected from over 300 team estate agency branches.

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