TeamChat Express

One of the keys to business success is effective communication, both internal and external. As a membership organisation, we recognise the critical importance of keeping our members fully informed and engaged at all times – and we utilise a range of different mechanisms to achieve that aim. Equally, our ongoing investment in PR is designed to communicate positive messages about the organisation and its members to both the industry as a whole and the general public.

Internal communication is greatly aided by the fact that team agents are all computer-linked via the teamworks software. Emails on specific issues are therefore easily sent to all member firms. In addition, a sophisticated html mailer system enables messages carrying pictures or other illustrative material, including video clips, to be sent to every single computer in the network – thereby ensuring that all staff are kept up to speed on all the latest developments. Electronic means of communication are reinforced by the regular publication of a high-quality, full-colour printed newsletter, called teamChat.

Externally, team’s Communications Director works with top specialist consultants to address our two principal audiences – the wider community of property professionals and the general public – via the various trade publications, the local, regional and national consumer press, and radio and TV. Utilising the retained services of a leading property journalist, we make available a range of template press releases, which members can personalise with their own contact details and send to their local press contacts. Similarly, a template of “Ask the Expert” column is produced on a weekly basis for members’ use.

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