The marketing resource

Delivering effective marketing is a key plank of the team offering. Overall strategy is driven and co-ordinated by a national Marketing Director. The Marketing Director works closely with a committee of fellow agents representing each of team’s regional consortia – thereby ensuring that marketing initiatives always match the real needs of the membership.

The objective of team’s marketing strategy is twofold: firstly, to provide individual team members with state of the art marketing tools, produced to standards far higher than those available to their non-team competitors; and secondly, through collective campaigns, to raise public awareness of the benefits of using a team agent to sell their home.

Through our partnership with leading marketing and design consultants, team members consequently enjoy access to a whole raft of professionally-designed marketing and promotional materials, including folders, brochures, leaflets, mailers, magazines, newspaper advertising templates and posters – all produced to the very highest standards. This exclusive marketing toolkit is continually being expanded as new ideas and new designs come on stream.

While all of these team marketing materials obviously carry the eye-catching “Blue Sky” branding that set the industry talking when it was introduced in 2006, many items are “personalisable” with individual members’ logos and contact details. This can all be done quickly and easily online by members themselves via our uniquely powerful marketing resource, designed and operated on behalf of team by Besley & Copp.

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