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Often referred to as ‘The West Country’ this region of England includes; Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Bristol, The Isle of Scilly, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire. Due to its environmental significance, much of this region is undeveloped hence its undisturbed beauty. The beaches of Cornwall remain popular with surfers and holiday makers from all over the country and the region is also home to some of Britain’s most popular attractions such as the Eden Project and Glastonbury Festival. The largest city is Bristol which is home to Bristol University contributing to the young and lively atmosphere of the city; other cities include Exeter, Plymouth and Bath.

Moving to South West England?

Wherever you are in Cornwall you’ll be sure to have fantastic scenery, just one of the things that make it such a popular place to live and visit. The beaches are some of the best in England both in terms of beauty and for sports, most notably surfing.
In terms of nightlife by far the best place to go is Bristol. With so many different clubs and bars whatever your tastes you’re sure to find one to suit you. This along with many theatres, cinemas and pubs Bristol has something for every occasion.
Rich in culture and stunning architecture Bath is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. No wonder many a famous author has used Bath as the setting of their work, most notably Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy. Bath is also renowned for its diverse collection of museums as well as the famous Roman Baths.
Bournemouth and Poole are also popular areas in the region. Beaches such as Sandbanks are some of the best in the region and attract many visitors as well as many famous residents.
In the city of Gloucester is the beautiful Gloucester Cathedral surrounded by fantastic bars, shops and restaurants all creating a vibrant city to live in. There is also the City Museum and Art Gallery in a wonderful Victorian building displaying fine arts, archaeological discoveries and historical artefacts showing the region’s rich heritage.

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